I spend the whole 3:30 hours on the plane sleeping. I was so emotionally drained and tired and all i wanted was to sleep. Thankfully I had three seats all to myself (thank you BMI) and from the plane ride I already knew i was on my way to a country where I will sure as hell stand out. I was scared, tired and anxious. But 10 minutes before we landed I allowed myself to take in the clouds, the planes wings and the rude person sitting in front of me.

Anyway i took this film, really not much to say. I was arriving in Moscow. I was on the plane, I was literally hanging. In the air. The air of the unknown. Why is it that not knowing bothers us so much but knowing makes us even more worried. I guess it’s never easy being in the moment, the present. It’s hard because we’re always divided, in our heads in our hearts. It’s nice to be in the moment and when it happens it’s magical. Anyway here’s my landing in Moscow December 8th 2011. A new important date in my calender.


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