So please don’t judge the quality of the pics or videos, this is all i was capable of doing, while half asleep, half awake. I was picked up by one of the drivers from work, only to find out he doesn’t speak any English or rather I don’t speak any Russian. So I sat back and took in, let me rephrase that, TRIED to take in what was going on around me and within me. The traffic!  Insane heavy traffic and no music 😦 in the car. My iphone was dying so no music from there, plus i wanted to save the battery for some kind of moment, if ever there was one.

The whole two hour ride was interesting, my driver kept talking to me in Russian, telling me things, that i tried to make sense in my head, all i kept saying was “OH”! “OK” “Pardon Me”! In his defense he was trying, as soon as we entered the inner circle of the city, he started pointing out tourists and historical attractions to me.

He spoke, I nodded, made some stupid comments about how the buildings were tall. Really I was out of it and the whole moment was just SURREAL! I was totally dazed (after months of planning i was in Moscow) and Confused ( because of the language barrier yes, but also because i noticed that this city is going to be a lot of work). I was exhausted, I managed some measly  video taking which i put a nice song over to distract from the lack of proper photography. But my conversation with the driver was very funny, I’ll never forget it.

Seriously i sounded like i had just stepped out of the plane from the countryside somewhere and arriving in the city of lights for the first time. In South Africa we refer to those sort of people as “Jimmy Comes To Josie”, meaning the latter. Big eyed, big lights, welcome to the city son.


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