MTC/MTS Does Cable Guy…

No regard For Health & Safety

Russia’s Biggest Telecommunication Company disregards, Health and Safety Rules ( according to me)

While on the quest for searching for a WiFi top up card- for my dismal hotel, M the estate¬†agent (relocation manager) suggested we try MTC or MTS to you and I. It’s basically one of Russia’s biggest telecommunication company. We found a shop near Kieveskaya Metro. This is what I found, of course everyone else was oblivious to the fact that someone might actually trip and break something over the cables. I understand it’s xmas and we all want to see wonderful display of Xmas lights, but really for a reputable company making loads of money this should not be happening.

Mind you, if we were in London or America (yes i know I’m NOT In London or AMERICA), someone would have benefited quiet nicely out of this cable fiasco. What if I had tripped! Actually thinking about it, i don’t think anyone would have cared. Sp based on that fact , I’m shaming them. I have hard evidence!

Yes I really had time to take those pictures. What else am I suppose to do when I’m standing around with nothing to say because I CAN’T SPEAK THE LANGUAGE AND I DON’T UNDERSTAND ANYTHING. All I wanted was internet in my hotel room. M was helping. So I let her do the talking.

All This for A Small Xmas lights Window

Not Impressed

In the end they were not much help anyway and I still didn’t get a WIFI top up. So no internet for another day. The story of connecting me online continues…


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