Moscow Macd In Arbat

I have been starved for food since I’ve been in Moscow. Food here is foreign to me and the usually brands from back home are rare or expensive. I’m weary about the expiry date and eating out is proving to be expensive. Just this once i wanted something i recognised and could eat!

So when my estate agent said, let’s pop into MacDonalds for lunch today, after a morning of flat hunting, I just about kissed her! I couldn’t contain my excitement and of course i was happy for the free WIFI. I was also praying, praying that it tasted almost as it does back in London.

Moscow Macd In ArbatMoscow Mac D In Arbat

Moscow Macd In Arbat

In true MacDonalds style, I was LOVIN’ IT!  It didn’t disappoint.

Eh don’t judge my excitement for Macdonalds, I know what you’re about to say, but until you get here, you got nothing to say! This was MY FIRST western eatery and it was like i just found gold. I licked every finger after my meal and was ready to buy more for later.

Here’s me stuffing my face. Not a pretty sight and certainly NOT an endorsement for Mac D. But I have to say, that neon M sign of theirs was my saviour!

Stuffing My Face At Macdonalds Moscow


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