So after almost two weeks of looking, I finally found a place to call home. A great apartment in one of the sort out post codes of the city with the best view of the city and on the red line (my metro s Park Kultura – The Culture Park tube station). Just like back in London when I lived in Shepherds Bush. Isn’t that funny.

My new apartment is perched on the tenth floor and overlooks the city from my bedroom, living room balcony as well as the kitchen. It’s warm, inviting and feels like I’ve lived there before. What did i say about the art of finding a home, that it has to feel like the music and the dance are just one. I felt one with this place.

To be honest what sold me was the view and the pink wall paper. Never mind that the room were way too big for me (for the moment). I knew before I saw the rest of the place that i was home (for the time I’m in Moscow of course).

My landlady is a Ukrainian woman who doesn’t speak English, so she had a friend over to help with the process.  I really couldn’t wait to move in and move out of the dreaded hotel.

Here’s a few pics (post move in) 🙂 OH Yes I do have a bedroom but a ladies boudoir is her sanctuary,it stays private,  so no photos for that one 😉

The Wall paper I fell In love With

The Old Kitchen SInk - Oh So Vintage

Living Room With A Massive Enclosed Balcony

The Entrance Hall

The Amazing View Of Moscow City


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