Slept all the way to Moscow (emotional departure)
Arrived at Moscow Domodedovo Airport
Nearly got lost in the airport while looking for immigration
Immigration woman says nothing to me but more papers back
Driver waiting for me with a sign bearing my name, I smile to myself (Have always wanted that)
Walk out, it’s cold and stuck in Moscow traffic for the first time for three hours
Get to hotel, i pay for on the go internet for 72 hours as they try to sort out internet
Take a bath


Wake up and prepare to get myself to RT
Hotel calls A Cab, he charges me 1000 roubles (I know I’m ripped off)
Get to office, and we get on with more paper work
I’m exhausted and hungry, also just got my periods, need a shop
I buy food and necessities
I get dropped off at the hotel

Wake up to meet the Agent ( take a taxi again, this time pay 300 less than yesterday, making progress)
Driver asks me about Nelson Mandela, I smile, the only thing i can do cause of language barrier.
Meet agent, she shows me two flats, awful
Say goodbye and go see the newsroom for first time
Over-layered my outfit and sweating in the newsroom, but determined to keep smiling and just take it
Take a cab back to the hotel, driver gets lost, starts shouting at me and driving rexkless, i’m scared and can’t understand anything
Finally figure out where I’m going, he drops me off, I’m happy to be back
Bath, drink my wine, pass out


My 72 hour internet is finished, hotel doesn’t have anymore. I’m tired, hungry and don’t feel like shouting.
Passed out from stress and sleep till next day

Finally figure out how to open bath stopped, small victories


Back in office, signing papers
Bank cards wil be ready faster if i pay for it, convenience will cost you in Moscow
Dine with mentor, first proper meal of the week
Take metro and scared shitless
Get to hotel and pass out, wake up at 3 am again because I’m still on London time

Day 7
Get a Russian cell number
First location shoot goes great

Day 8

Haven’t found a flat
have NO INternet
High levels of stress
Trying to get on worl mode but brain split in too many directions
First cry
bank card arrives
Get back to Hotel, they locked me out, re-book stay
Buy whiskey at bar
Get drunk in my room
pass out

Day 9

First Live broadcast in the cold, shaking like a leaf, wish i had a better jacket
make note to self, need to go shopping
Cold, tired, no food (hotel doesn’t cater supper for me0
Drink more wine
Pass out
Wake up at 3 and watch movies till 8 in the morning

DAY 10
More flat hunting
FInd a place
Macdonalds for lunch.supper for me as well
back at hotel, no wine
Can’t sleep
No internet
Nothing to watch
Re-watch movies

DAY 11
Signing of contract

Day 12

Check out and move in to new flat with no bedding, no food, but at least I have internet šŸ™‚


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