My Bed ...

I’ve spent the last two weeks sleeping on my couch because i have no bedding and haven’t had time to do any shopping since arriving in Moscow. With being at work everyday and living on Subway sandwiches, I’m tired and need to GET a duvet and  pillows for a bed that I have but can’t sleep on because i don’t know how to get to IKEA or any other shopping mall for that matter. I’m lacking proper sleep. Missing London. 😦 My gosh why is everything so bloody difficult here. i could order all of these things online but noooooo, i don’t speak the language so i wont understand anything blah blah. You’re asking why not ask someone to help me? Do you know how much HELP i ask for since I’ve been here, I feel like an imbecile!.  arrrrrrggggggggg!!! I just want a bed!


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