I had my first taste of Russian culinary expedition in the office. What was on the menu, Ossetian pies! Ossetian pies are large round pastries, filled with meat, cheese, potatoes or greens and very popular in Russia’s Caucasus region. They are apparently their answer to the ubiquitous pizza. (Not sure who would want to replace pizza!).

Ossetian Pie - Potato & Cheese

Ossetian Pie - Mushrooms

According to research, the pies are synonymous with well-being and prosperity. However, they also have a deep ritualistic meaning too. The tradition is always to greet guests with three pies as a sign of respect and a symbol of sun, water and earth – the elements of the Universe. The pies are usually round-shaped, to symbolize the rapid turn of time, the wheel that bridges together the past, the present and the future.

Anyway, I have to be honest I was sceptical, I don’t really like anything with melted feta or mushrooms, ask my boyfriend. Don’t get me wrong I love cheese, but I’m very picky as to what kind and as for mushrooms, depends on how they’re cooked. So you can imagine what pressure I felt as everyone was so excited to see me take a bite from the pie. I just kept thinking, whatever you do, don’t throw up and don’t spit anything out. It would be sooo rude and uncool!

But lo and behold, I actually loved, loved them! They are also said to be healthy, that’s a bonus, something healthy to snack on at home. Oh did I mention you can order them for delivery at home. Not like i can order anything on my own at the moment but that’s a thought


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