It is impressive watching Moscow function during it’s winter season. Snow or blizzards, the city keeps moving and people still go out, work and play. The city does not slow down.  Stores and places of employment remain open, and people continue with their normal routines. Moscow employs a small army of street sweepers who begin shoveling the sidewalks and streets late at night, when there’s less traffic (when lucky) or early in the morning and some time during the day when it’s snowing heavily. Maybe Britain should take note, in London small snow falls can cause chaos. After all it’s winter, they should be prepared, right!



  1. This is impressive! London can learn from these tough guys. Respect for their work, if you take the tempies at night into consideration.

  2. Right! I guess that’s why they don’t complain about the weather, they can function. Still it’s cold, they are TOUGH.

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