Here’s a video I shot today on my way to work  (a bit shaky but hey, it’s cold), it was -15 degrees Celsius in the afternoon after a -28 degrees Celsius this weekend. we were actually shot by a fraction to break the 100 year old lowest recorded temperature for February in Moscow which was -29 degrees Celsius in 1911. More on how to dress for this bone chilling weather.



  1. gayletoyouroprah

    that is just insane. i’m sure i would turn into a pillar of ice. 13 degrees in jhb in winter kills me. cant imagine minus anything. you folks are strong..

  2. Enjoyed watching it, it absolutely looks frrrreezing. And nice to get an impression of your area, since Ivo told me your work is only a few minutes from your place. Looks really nice and pretty lively. Fingers crossed you are not facing another arctic weekend. Bye y’u all!

    • It is snowing properly now, slow white flakes coming down and enveloping Moscow in white fluff. Beautiful. So bring warm things my friend and let’s enjoy a real winter wonderland, African and Dutch style in Russia!

  3. alina

    love the sound of your tiny feet =D

  4. Nicholas Geladaris

    Thabbi Mara i’m coming to visit you … You must nevah !!!

  5. Nice video. i was in Omsk / Siberia for my wedding in 2011, it was minus 42 Celsius. literally everything froze! Coming from the Maldives where the temperature is always +32 Celsius and above, the Siberian winter was an unforgettable experience. i have the exact thoughts as you, if i can survive the harsh winter i can survive almost anything lol 🙂

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