While my friend Samira was visiting, she wanted a little taste of Soviet Russia. We decided to try SHINOK. As if Moscow’s themed dining wasn’t already over the top, this restaurant has re-created a Ukrainian peasant farm in central Moscow. Servers wear colourfully embroidered shirts and speak with Ukrainian accents, may i add that the restaurant wasn’t even busy and the only person who spoke any English, wasn’t allocated to our table, so the lovely lady serving had to keep asking the English speaking chap to come and translate. Jut one of those moments in Moscow when I think, why can’t people just have common sense, which is fair to say, NOT everyone has common sense.

Anyway,dinning there is rather an experience. There’s always something to catch the eye, if the Ukrainian farm decor and outfits don’t do you much, then, you can look out the window at a cheerful babushka(grandma) while she tends the farmyard animals (very well taken care of, we’re assured as seen by the rabbit in the video). He freaked me out, we even joked that perhaps that’s where they farm the rabbit coats. Not nice i know, but you should’ve seen this rabbit, it looked like a dog. I just couldn’t believe it. If ever a rabbit looked not so cute, it was that one. However the cow seemed at peace, so did the pheasants. We didn’t have any on our menu. We did have a taste of rabbit;)

A pleasant evening, we felt guilty because we kept asking about the animal farm in the yard and taking copious amounts of pictures.

How to find it:, 1905-го Года ул., 2, Moscow, Russia  123100, 8 (495) 651-81-01

The waitress in her lovely frock

Shinok Resturant

Raspberry Juice, thick and beautiful

Ukrainian dumplings in sauce, soooo delicius

Potato pancakes

Rabbit stuffed mini pies

A dessert named after a woman,it tasted like coconut in a star fish, didn't like this one.

The cow happy in the mini farm

Farm Life Ukrainian style

Samira and Me with the waitress in her colourful outfit.


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