When i started this blog I didn’t want to include politics in it as to spoil the whole message. Political views are private and i didn’t want to include that in my public sphere. However given the fact that the blog is of An African in Moscow and the elections did happen while I was here, I’ve decided not to get into the nitty gritty of Russian politics, I leave that to when I’m at work, having said that, I will share a few pictures of the post election protests. I think Russia is going through interesting times and i should perhaps include a bit of that. I’ll let the pictures do their own story telling. These were captured at a rally on Pushkinskaya square. We managed to leave just in time, before the crowds were dispersed by police. Whatever you may believe in or not, the truth of the matter is, this country has started it’s own metamorphosis and we can only wish them the best (very politically correct of me;))


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