“Like many cities, Moscow turned green for a day, as crowds gathered in the capital’s center to celebrate the traditional Irish holiday – St. Patrick’s Day”. I joined the revelers in Moscow’s starry Arbat the equivalent of Covent garden in London, celebrate this day Russian style. It was not shot of drama and weird people in weird costumes, most of them Russians. Never thought that i’d see the day when Russians adorn the Irish colors and  sing and dance to Celtic music as if it was their own.

I’m not Irish (in case any one wondered), but do love the Irish spirit and their sense of fun. I took many pictures and as always had many pictures taken of me. I become a fascination every time I’m in public Russia. I guess, there aren’t a lot of black people and when they see one, it’s a KODAK moment for them. It’s strange for me but i get it.

So here are a few pictures and a live shot i did for RT international newsroom., well half of it.

The Priest that was St patty and Me

Thabang Motsei and St patty Stand In

After all it was a parade, with matching bands and mascots.

Russian navy band...

I watched the Macnas,probably Ireland’s most famous street theater company perform. Genius!

Irish Pubs in Moscow Go On Steroids for St Patrick's Day

Irish Flag and Shamrocks everywhere

Couldn't believe anyone else knows this movie, used to a fav of mine back in my youth. The last scene, who can forget it. The Boondock Saints.


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