For Katie’s bday we were invited to the Luch Bar in Moscow.

Luch, means a ray of light. It was nice to go to a Moscow bar which didn’t play awful cheesy music, instead we were taken back to 70’s disco and some pretty old school R&B (old school circa 60,70,80). The ambiance is very relaxed, lots of sophisticated people, sophisticated in Moscow means can afford to be there. I thought it was a gem in the city and would recommend it for pre drinks before clubbing. The average drink starts at 410 rubles for your cocktails (that’s the Mojito I’m having at the bottom.). This is the type of place that if you throw up, you will be fined for it. I’m not joking. Entrance is FREE and they close early morning at 6:00. Moscow, the city that never sleeps. Thumbs up.

How to get there: 27 Bolshaya Pirogovskaya Ulitsa, bldg. 1

It used to be an old light bulb factory, and has now been turned into a loft gallery and a restaurant-bar at the same time. it’s design is contemporary, with high sealing, making the most of Moscow’s  architectural and spatial metamorphosis: developing post-industrial spaces and fitting them with modern yuppies. 

The cash bar resembles  a giant book supermarket

There are numerous items of contemporary art and they have thing for monkey…

The art work were created especially for this place by the best forces of Russian contemporary art

Weird sculptures

Katie the birthday girl with Thabang

It’s not a bar till you taste what the bar tenders can whip up. Apparently the signature drink is called Oldboy, named after the famous art-house film. It is a spiced mix of vodka, grapefruit juice, cinnamon, strawberry liqueur and berries, topped with several hot Thai peppers. I opted for a mojito.

(information help by the moscowtimes)

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  1. Seems like a great venue, worth checking out.

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