While at the Shukhov Tower freezing in the wet cold, the guardsman invited us inside his “office” and he kept an eagle eye on us, we couldn’t move without him following. But while he looked away i was able to take these two pictures. Can you imagine having these in your home? I mean seriously, Soviet era is everywhere here, no matter how quickly the rest of the world moves. I think they’re just kitsch.



  1. all i can say is YHO!!!!!!!!!Bathong!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Nicholas Geladaris

    eish ! love the HD flat screen

  3. Very retro, very east London, very ‘yesterday-but-still-funky’. I would love to have the white phone.

  4. Faith Nyalungu

    mara mama otlareng he a tsukga a bonna ngoana gagwe. Read my 1st grade sotho hay

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