When I heard i was going to go  to the top of one of Moscow’s most iconic and oldest radio tower, I was so excited. I’m an adrenalin junkie by nature and I love to challenge myself (remember me diving in -0 degrees ice water?).  I’ve never heard of the Shukhov Tower up until now, but then again, I don’t read architecture digest religiously.

This tower is based on the South side of Moscow city and i have to be honest if it wasn’t for doing a story on it, I may never have shown any kind of interest, because from the outside, it just looks like an old  battered tower. However, when you get closer to it and start to look around it, feel the steel, you realise it’s a magnificent piece of engineering and architecture. I’m not going to talk too much about it, I’ll let you watch my package on it and I’ll add a few of my fav pictures. I was lucky to be one of the few to ever have been to the top pf the tower, because it’s not a tourist place and it’s not open to just anyone because of the stability of the steel.An unforgettable moment for me.


The Shukhov Tower by Vladimir Shukhov

Larger than life and inspired many architectures and contemporary designs.

Apparently the lift wasn't part of the original design...

My Producer Natasha faced her fear of heights but could not get out of the lift 🙂 Brave Girl though.

Braving Vertigo - My Cameraman

Thabang Motsei Top Of The Shukhov Tower

The view from 160m from the Shukhov Tower

The Shukhov Tower From My Bedroom's Window



  1. For this girl there are no boundaries! Don’t even scratch the surface, just do it! I guess she is a live example for all of us to learn from 🙂

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