After a month and a half of waiting for this package, it’s finally in my hands. My boyfriend’s mother send me a parcel and due to my busy schedules and not knowing how the postal system works here (yep there is a system), I hadn’t dedicated enough timeĀ  to go searching. But the last few days, I have been on a mission, to find the right post office and get my package. I got lost, found one and it was closed and then finally was led to the right one not far from my borough. So here it is, with Love from Latvia. Yippy!

Thankfully the Russian winter is still well alive and kicking, what they call the wet winter, because it rains and snows with spells of sun shine in a good day. The point is, it’s still chilly, so no waste here, I’ll have a new jacket for my Live shots for the next month or two.

PS: The postal system, here is not so bad, just don’t get yourself caught up in customs politics:-)



  1. From Latvia through London via skype and email. Not as easy as it seems:)

  2. Faith Nyalungu

    yhaa! I saw you, things hav changes u r now a lady with make up. London hs done it for SA!!!

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