Gotta love Moscow! Yep when you have moments like these, you just gotta smile and think the Russians can surprise you, sometimes.

While on the metro one Saturday, I entered a carriage with art on the wall, now this is nothing new but to have an entire gallery in a carriage, i thought nice!

I think everyone else was just oblivious to the fact that one of the carriages was turned into a moving art gallery showcasing Russian Fine Artists. You know me, I was there with my camera.

“Eta Racia” People (Which means “It’s Russia!) 🙂

Pleasant surprise for what can sometimes be a dreadful train journey. The usual applies :people shoving on to you or staring at you thinking you can’t see them.

More of this is needed and i have to add we have free WiFi on the trains but they still haven’t sorted out the language thing on the platform signs. But i welcomed the wonderful distraction.



  1. I remember that “one Saturday”; you can even see my hand right behind you, just above your right shoulder. You gotta love the “art in the metro” theme, it is well original and most interesting. it might stimulate the general public to visit a museum or stop by at an exhibition and it is probably too crowded for any art to get stolen 🙂

  2. Tsion

    I love your blog! I plan on visiting Moscow the end of May. I had some questions I wanted to ask through email if you can give me one.

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