Anyone who’s had to get a working visa for Russia knows that you have to go for medical exams which includes X-rays and HIV tests. Now being from South Africa, these tests don’t faze or upset me or my basic human rights (although  I dare say Russia is the only place that I KNOW who’ll require an HIV test to give you work, is that even legal in the human rights scheme of things?).

Anyway because I’ve had to endure them for as long as I’ve been outside of my country, I’m happy to do them, plus i have nothing to hide. They’re a great way of making sure you’re good and healthy. So I welcome them, annoying or not, they have become a part of my life abroad.

The X-Ray Clinic – OMG this is Moscow Ya’ll

Prior to my departure to Moscow, I had mine done in London. Painless and in a very clean clinic in Soho, which by the way may I add was free (I did pay my taxes). In Moscow work organised that we go to this medical center called “PRAKTIKA”.

First of all this place is far from cirvilisation (MY REALM OF EXISTENCE IN MOSCOW OF  COURSE). But when I finally made it, boy was I in for a surprise.

Inside the X-Ray Clinic – looks like something from a scary movie

When you walk in reception it looks like a “normal” clinic, however when I was asked to go get my X-rays done, the HORROR, OH THE HORROR of finding this little old looking shack at the back of the center.

The machine that is the X-Ray machine

The machine was “olllllllllllllllld” but IT WORKED! I just couldn’t take the whole thing serious. But hey if it worked for the Soviet era its good enough for now, right?!.

Regardless that Russia is trying to build itself up as a mecca for technology. I would have thought, they would have replaced the old machinery with new fancy ones, especially medical ones. Just a thought!

The Man Pushing the button

It was like finding the hatch in Lost and when you go in the man “pushing the button” might as well be from an actual episode of it in his blue surgical outfit.


I have no more words for this, except, my results all came back squeeky clean. However the image of the little shack at the back will haunt me for the rest of my life, and they say Africa is backwards. Hmmmm


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  1. Collins

    well, that is very interesting. I am a great admirer of Russia and I follow RT like crazy. but it is nice to see the other side too, right! great, you survived! By the way, I am from Ghana, now a student in the US

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