I was invited bty the South African embassy in Moscow to celebrate, one of the most important days in our South African calender – Freedom Day. It’s a particularly important day for me too as it reminds me of where my country was just 20 years ago and how far weve as a nation. More so, it’s a day I’m reminded of the opportunities i’ve had because of the work that our freedom fighters and riends have done to secure our democracy. I’m reminded that i wouldn’t be where i am right now, if this day never existed and for that I gave thanks  to the men and women who made sure that can embrace and enjoy our rainbow nations in harmony.

I love this from the SA website:
Freedom Day serves as a reminder of the long struggle for a free, just and democratic South Africa and an occasion for South Africans to recommit to healing the divisions of the past and to firmly establishing a society based on democratic values, social justice and respect for fundamental human rights.

Thabang & SA Ambassador to Russia Ambassador and Extraordinary Plenipotentiary – H E Mr M B M Mpahlwa

I meat the Ambassador who is a delightful men full of interesting stories. He guided me through the room ntroducing me to eople who he thought would be beneficial to my work and who’s stories about South African activists resonate in the halls of the Kremlin. Yep if you didn’t know, now you know. Some of SOuth African fredom fighters exiled right here in Russia. Makes me wonder about how they coped back in those with rascism in a foreign country.

The African Mamas

It’s not a party unless you have some mama’s in their best South African outfits. The lady in the colourful traditional attire is wearing an ISiZulu outfit. Isn’t lovely!

A rainbow of guests

We had both South Africans living and working in Moscow at the party as well as many of our Russians friends in business, politics and media. What a lovely event of food and great wine.

An officer of the law (SA)

I’m a sucker for uniform and couldnt resist a pic with teh office of the law from my own country. Generally I wouldn’t, but hey, when you’re far away, everything seems to go., even taking pics with SA officers in uniform LOL. If i can take a pic with a London officer or a Russian, there should be no reason I shouldn’t take one with my own, right?! That’s the logic and i’m sticking to it

All in a ll a great night of contacts and lovely South African music, taking me back to the motherland.



  1. alina

    oh hun, just had to think about the little photoshoot you had with the conducters at 3am!! =D

  2. Annalien

    Honey is it summer there? Or did you take the coat of in the building? Great read.

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