At the start of spring the girls and I decided to take a night out of town towards the “island”. This is where the Red October is situated with a list of its trendy and vibrant bars and galleries. I live just 20 minutes working distance, so a quick catch up at my house and a lovely spring walk towards the island.

I guess the island would be our version of the British isles, we decided to go to the STRELKA BAR. A hip and happening bar,located on Bolotny (marshy) island a few steps from the Kremlin and part of the old chocolate factory known as the Red October Strelka Bar is part of the Institute of Media, Architecture and Design that bears the same name. The inside of the bar bears a loft feel and is very popular with expats and Muscovite’s alike. Anyone who’s been at the Strelka loves it and everything is so good its become home to cutting-edge youth in the media, fashion, TV and creative industry. It really is another world here, of MTV and globetrotters. The big attraction is the veranda with spectacular views of the Moskva/Moscow River and the Cathedral of Christ the Savior, but most likely it is the open and positive atmosphere, which is sincerely supported by everyone, from visitors to bartenders.This is a great summer venue and it gets packed when the sun,so get there early.

Details: Web-site:

PS: We didn’t know the party was called the ALCHEMY, EROTICISM, ART & MUSIC PARTY. When in Rome right!

A spring night Moscow

Giving Moscow some much needed Colour

The Girls ready to parrty!! Cat, Thabi, Kate

Apple Martini

Iced strawberry daiquiri

The girl’s Love their Martini’s

Dj (Female) took the night away…

My Paparazzi Snap from the Strelka Photographer, yep it happens, story of my life out here.


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