Thabang Motsei

After spending an entire day looking for a gown for this years Vienna Ball Moscow which was held at the Moscow’s Manege Exhibition Hall, I was happy to know that I made the right dress choice (couldn’t get the right size,colour or they were just awful looking gowns). This year was the 10th edition of the Vienna ball and theme was a tribute to the bicentenary of the Patriotic War of 1812 against Napoleon.

The ball is the annual highlight of cultural and social life in Russia. It has been held in Moscow since 2003. The guests arrived to the accompaniment of an orchestra, and walked the red carpet in their dazzling gowns, dresses and tuxedos. I loved the whole Hollywood feeling of the event. Red carpet rolled out, celebrities and dignitaries and yes I was the only African In Moscow there.

As tradition to the other Vienna balls held in both Vienna and across the globe, debutantes – 120 pairs of girls in white dresses and handsome young men in black tuxedos – open the ball.

The musical program featured a variety of ensembles – one symphony orchestra and several jazz bands – performing everything from Mozart and Strauss to music of the mid-20th century. The dancing was just as diverse from waltz and polka, to jive and rumba. I danced all night (well like Cinderella, all night meant until I had to leave after filming.) But I loved it, learned how to waltz, learned some Russian dancing and a few other moves.

The Vienna Ball is a charity event. All funds raised at the event are being transferred to support various children’s organizations.

Here’s some pictures from the event and the report I did for RT.

Thabang Motsei

The Camera and Spanish Presenter Briceo Looking Dapper

Some Came Dressed For The Napolean Theme All The Way From Austria

In Uniform

I Do Clean Up nicely 🙂

Thabang Motsei Vienna Ball Moscow

The Orchestra entertained us all night

Guests arriving

On The red carpet

Bell of the ball

Me and Producer could not resist the man in uniform

The RT Team

Just like in the old days, giggles and big dresses

Inside the ball room



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  1. hey glamourpuss where are you? looking good x

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