Thabang Motsei

The Beam aka Katie Pllbeam (Business Anchor/Reporter) got these screen shots of us doing our “thang” on the news-desk this morning. Me thinks they’re verrrry niiice!

The Beam and The Bang

Here’s The Bang aka Thabang Motsei on the news-desk this morning. After my initial trials in march I was approved and have been anchoring now since May, so you’ll be seeing more of me on the desk working nights, mornings, afternoons and evenings.Β  Do drop me a line when you can, I appreciate it;)

The Bang



  1. lol at the bang and the beam, powercouple πŸ™‚

  2. I am Nigerian who live in India and am married to a Russian speaker , I was so glad to see you on Tv today, am so proud of you sis, way to go girl! I have a baby girl btw.

    • Hi Ogunro

      Sounds like you have a wonderful and diverse life. Very exciting:) Did you meet your partner in Russia?Thank you for your words of encouragement, they keep me going. Please keep watching. Enjoy India:) Great place for the senses:)

  3. Hello Tabangmotsei,

    How are you? I listened to your interviewed with James Corbett at RT news. It was interesting. You have good voice. I like your voice. How long have been working for

  4. Rod

    You are one of the prettiest black girls around and you have excellent style and refinement. Red is a color you wear well.

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