I recently made a stop at one of Moscow’s gigantic shopping malls, the MEGA MALL, how appropriately titled. It is rather MEGA!Mega Mall is one of the largest shopping malls in Europe and includes a huge Auchan hypermarket, skating rink, cinema, food court and hundreds of Russian and Western retail outlets including Zara, Mango, and Mexx.


So I made the visit with one of my collogues “ST”, who just like me, enjoys a bit of retail therapy. I’ve always heard about the Auchan/Ocean/Orsin (I think that’s how it’s pronounced:p), it’s suppose to be Moscow’s answer to Walamrt (USA) or a sort of ASDA like store. You get the picture, you can get anything form food, clothing, car tyres etc. Anafricaninmoscow

Having never been there, when I arrived, I was little girl in a sweet shop, so many things were affordable and when things look like they’re cheaper than normal, you want to get everything, right! But “ST” knocked some sense in me and I only walked out with this Babushka looking kitchen gown of which i’m going to style out one of these days and turn it into a kimono ala Russian style.


I also found these cute dolls at IKEA. My first reaction: “OMG!  they allow little Russian kids to play with black dolls and the black doll is a girl!”. Come on, they take pics of me when walking the streets of course i was shocked to see this.  At least they’re trying to embrace a bit of the PC motto, and it starts one step at a time, with dolls, teach the young acceptance and they will practise it (we hope). I imagine the black dolls are a GIANT step for IKEA Russia too. I’m impressed and proud:) Plus i thought on a personal note, they reminded me of my BF and myself. After all we are a multi-racial couple, how’s THAT for United Colors of Benetton.



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