I’ve been working on my personal site for the past month or so. I’m proud of myself, a big pat on the back 🙂 (modesty aside). Take a look and tell me what you think, what I should improve or change. I’m happy to receive any feedback, provided it’s constructive of course.

While you’re at it, take a look around an African in Moscow for my latest escapades.




  1. Michael

    I watch rt news you’re not on enough

  2. Andrei

    I also watch RT, I like watching news with Thabang, you are nice girl :). I always smile, whan you smile on screen, so keep smiling :). Good luck in life and work!

  3. Sammy

    Are you on TV? Which?

  4. Mak

    Happy Birthday mosadi – ke o thola kae… ke lahlehetswe ke dinomoro tsa hao… ne ke batlile ho buwa le wena – o hole o hole moo o leng teng – sending you smiles and love from home ❤

  5. Subject: Journalist murder

    If you would like to know why Rolling Stone journalist Michael Hastings was killed…the letter and report which may explain it is here:  armypsyop.wix.com/scottbennett

    It explains why the U.S Congress, the intelligence community, and defense contractor Booz Allen Hamilton could not tolerate a journalist investigating the mysterious connection between three strangers:  Edward Snowden, Brad Birkenfeld, and Scott Bennett.  

    (Snowden and Bennett worked for Booz Allen; Birkenfeld for Union Bank of Switzerland).

    The reason?  The connection?

    Edward Snowden’s disillusioned CIA experience in Geneva; a brash American swiss banker (Brad Birkenfeld) on the run from CIA with secret financial intelligence relating to terrorism; and a unconventional U.S. army psychological warfare officer hunting and analyzing terrorist finance networks, represented an “unplanned-for” perfect storm which the intelligence community incompetents (or conspirators) could not survive.   Separate and apart these men could be contained and discredited, and thus were no threat….but if brought together, their experience and expertise naturally completed a puzzle which only now the American public (and international community) is beginning to recognize and despise. ..and the  CIA-NSA-Booz Allen-Hamilton cabal dread.

    …..more to follow.

    Sent via the Samsung Galaxy S® III mini, an AT&T 4G LTE smartphone

    Sent via the Samsung Galaxy S® III mini, an AT&T 4G LTE smartphone

  6. Robert C

    Just a guy thing but we scotsmen hate being called ‘Dude’ aaah . In fact unless your a teenage mutant american teenager dude aint appropriate x

  7. carissayeboah

    Hi Thabang,

    Is your website up and running yet?


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