I have decided to map out this one year of growth in Moscow. It will be a tale of many adventures (you can count on that) and certainly a tale of three cities I will now call home. Johannesburg, London and Moscow.

I believe everyone has a story and my story perhaps isn’t that unique but if it puts a smile on your face or gives you the heads up on what Moscow is about, then well, it’s been worth jotting it down. My opinions and thoughts, my musings, my trials, my tribulations, my up and downs and my triumphs both as a working journalist in Moscow and as a new member of this city, will be raw and uncensored.

Welcome to an African in Moscow, a journey of black snow, of the only black in the white pool, braving a world so far from what she knows. This is my own voice.

Let’s enjoy the ride together.


Black Snow :-)

PS: I like to hear form you, so share the blog and please leave your thoughts and comments. They are very much appreciated.



  1. Saw your request for visitors in the NUJ forum on LinkedIn. Great idea for a blog – hope you have sorted out your problems with internet access so you can keep it up! You’re not missing much weatherwise – it’s grey and damp in London today. Good luck with life in Russia and with the blog.

  2. Stephen

    Hello Thabang, Peter L. just an hour ago suggested I could contact you via FB, but I could find you there. I would like to get into contact with you about your possibly giving a public talk. Could you please write to me at the email provided with this note, so I can explain more? (then maybe delete this?)

  3. Vladimir

    I watch you from Houston, Texas on RT daily. Keep up the good work and be the example to all Africans that any one of them can live and work in a free and independent Russia. God Bless.

  4. carissayeboah


    Just discovered that you have a blog!! But realise you haven’t posted anything for a couple of years so not sure if you still use it. Hope all is going well for you in Russia – i’ve got so many questions to ask about your experience living and working in Russia. Seems like you’ve been to/done some pretty amazing stuff!


  5. Anne

    Discovered you on RT a channel my husband watches religiously. I’m Afro Caribbean and my hubby Russian. We’ve been married for 7 years. Your blog is interesting and docu segments informative. Do you speak Russian at all ? How is it learning a new language if you do ?

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