Are You A Publisher


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  1. Is this a question? Yes, I dare to say I am. A specialised one, working for a niche market. I produce and disseminate information in a compact, summarised form that informs, entertains and raises questions, making information available to the public in such a way that one is willing to pay good money for every word I write down. The material I publish appears in many forms; hard copy, online, digital, on blogs, micropublishing and if audio material falls under the scope of publishing (‘providing and producing information’?) then I also reach an audience through the airwaves. I enjoy the different stages of publishing, development, research, copy editing, design, production and eventually sending it off to the printers.
    Information is knowledge, and knowledge is power, so I like to believe that the work we do does make a difference; it forms opinions, plays a role in decision and policy making, keeps discussions going and issues on a certain agenda.

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