Press Me For Tales


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  1. hi how are you?
    its polishadm28 from YT im from Poland i been living in USA for 22 years now. I just wanted to say hello and wih you all the health, luck,happiness,and money in the world. like i said i have a channel on YT which is kinda popular with 22,000 subscribers and ofcourse there is haters out there, but you wont believe what happened to me .. Some idiot wrote a annomous tipp threw email to FBI telling them i was a home grown terrorist and i wanted to kill smalll children in school. so ofcourse fbi started to look into my movies on YT and they found one movie when i recorded a judge that was illegal so they arrested me ofcourse they came to my home with the scranton SWAT team and FBI agents and snipersin the trees all for me like i was some kinda serial killer so they arested me on that stupid charge that could of landed up to 7yrs in prison here is the artickle below….. They took my camera and my laptop that i still didint get back yet from the lackawanna DA almost 9 months aftter my arrest, i have to go to court on Aug 5 just to get my camera, laptop and my handgun back. Ofourse i wasted almost 8,000$ on my attorney chris poweelll which is best in Northeasteern PA and i ended up getting 3 months probation
    So as you can see how easy it is for someone to ruin someone elses live in america, the FBI was telling me if its true that i wannna kill americans they were saying i had a one way ticket to guantnamo bay in CUBA….
    I speak fluent in english and also in Polish, maybe there is something i can do at RT you know everyone i am good in front of a camera, and im also now a republican committeeman in scranton 13-1 district

    So if you can do something i really appreciate it i can live anywhere anytime
    Your Friend

    Police: Man acquitted in ax attack posted summary trial online

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